Deploying to Firebase from behind a Proxy

I have been starting to take a look at Google's promising Firebase offering.  But I am working in a corporate environment, which does, of course, have a proxy.  When I am attempting to deploy to Firebase from behind a proxy, I receive this message:

“Error: Authentication Error: Your credentials are no longer valid. Please run firebase login --reauth”.

After a non-trivial amount of googling I eventually stumbled across a post and discovered that this is a known issue ( #155 ).

Apparently this is due the use of faye-websockets, and despite being raised some time ago, there seems to be no resolution progress from Google.

Digging through the comments on the issue, I followed one recommendation, to invoke this from the command-line:


Thank you lakin32 for posting this solution.  This resolved the issue for me. 

I am re-posting this here, hopefully to raise the profile of this solution and the issue, in the hope that you, the reader, can find a resolution to this problem faster than I did.